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Mirostone San Marco 20mm – Solid Surface Worktops

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Introducing the latest in modular solid surfacing, Mirostone 20mm Solid Surface is a range of versatile worksurfaces that have all the beauty and feel of natural stone combined with exceptional practicality.

  • Worksurfaces – The surface that works the hardest! Seamlessly incorporating sinks, drainer grooves, taps and hobs on the surface and cooking, washing and refrigeration appliances underneath.
  • Island Units & Breakfast Bar Areas – An extra wide surface for preparing food, eating with friends and family and even a place for the children to do their homework. A multi-functioning surface in the heart of the home: the kitchen!
  • Upstands – Colour matching all of your other Mirostone® surfaces, upstands give you a hygienic and durable barrier to water and impact.
  • Splashbacks – A cost effective and totally hygienic alternative to tiles. Easy to clean: just a wipe down is all that is needed. And, of course, Mirostone® splashback colours match all of your other Mirostone® surfaces.
  • Hobs – Mirostone® is equally at home with a hob incorporated into its surface as it is with a range cooker.
  • Sinks with Drainer Grooves – You can choose from a Mirostone® pure acrylic solid surface sink, a stainless steel sink or a ceramic sink. All of them work perfectly with Mirostone® surfaces. And, you can have 100% waterproof drainer grooves incorporated into your Mirostone® surface to drain water into your chosen sink.

Mirostone’s unique qualities make it the perfect surface for your kitchen, but it is equally at home being soaked in a busy bathroom or creating an air of sophistication in the bedroom.

The feel of natural stone
Mirostone® replicates the beautiful look and feel of natural stone, touch it and find out! It is cool to the touch and it’s authentic, naturally inspired designs blend elegantly with kitchens of all styles.

Mirostone® is designed for modern living. It’s solid construction means that Mirostone® can easily deal with the stresses and strains of being an intensively used surface in the heart of the home: in the kitchen. Please refer to our leaflet: How to care for your Mirostone® solid surfaces.

Mirostone® is a completely safe surface on which to prepare and eat food, even if the children have taken over the kitchen! It’s easy to clean and waterproof so harmful germs are prevented from being retained on the surface. Also, because Mirostone® has smooth imperceptible seams, there are no unsightly joints in which dangerous bacteria can develop.

Mirostone® is a pure solid surface through and through. It has no chipboard or MDF core, making Mirostone® completely waterproof. Even the hot steam from an opened dishwasher cannot damage Mirostone®! This non-porous quality makes Mirostone® one of the most hygienic surfaces available. The 100% waterproof quality of Mirostone® makes it one of the most hygienic surfaces available, because a clean, dry surface prevents bacteria from developing. Easy to maintain and user friendly, Mirostone`s surface washes off every day marks with just soap and water, leaving it looking as good as new.

Seamless integration
Simple yet classy. Mirostone`s seamless joints create a naturally flowing appearance that is not only smart, but also hygienic, completely waterproof and so easy to clean. Better still, Mirostone`s pure acrylic sinks and bowls can also be seamlessly integrated into Mirostone`s super-hygienic surface.

Speed of fitting – NO SPECIAL TOOLS NEEDED
Mirostone® can be safely installed in your home using standard woodworking tools. So Mirostone® successfully avoids all the time consuming delays and inconvenience of other surfaces. And, the new silky surface texture of Mirostone® saves your installer time during the final finishing stage.

Size matters
At 630mm wide, the worksurface is wide enough for your cabinet design. And at 960mm wide you have all the space you need for your island unit and breakfast bar area. Meanwhile, the splashback and upstand sizes will fit all rooms. And one of the amazing features of Mirostone® is that your installer can seamlessly join 2 components together to double the component size! Need a 1200mm wide breakfast bar? That’s no problem with Mirostone, simply place two of the 630mm worksurfaces side by side, apply the 2-part epoxy resin to the middle of them, clamp the two pieces together and wait for it to dry, sand the joint down to get your seamless joint and nobody will ever know!


12no. 150mm Abrasive Discs – 3no. 150 Grit, 3no. 240 Grit, 3no. 320 Grit & 3no. 500 Grit
1no. 500ml Solid Surface Polish
1no. Heat Reflective Tape 3m x 50mm
1no. 250ml Denature Alcohol
2no. 150mm 500 Grit Scotch-Brite Polishing Pads
3no. Lint Free Wipes
1no. Microfiber Cloth


1no. 500ml Solid Surface Polish
1no. Microfiber Cloth
1no. Scotch-Brite Pad (Burgundy)
1no. C&M Leaflet

Additional information


3000 x 650 x 20mm Worktop, 2000 x 960 x 20mm Breakfast Bar, 1500 x 650 x 20mm Worktop, 3000 x 760 x 12mm Splashback, 3000 x 100 x 12mm Upstand, 50ml Colour Matched Adhesive, Mirostone Installation Kit, Mirostone Care & Maintenance Kit, 500ml Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner, Application Gun 50ml Adhesive Cartridge


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