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Delivering Prima Gorgeous Granite worktops. The granite look is one of the popular texture choices in kitchens today. The Formica Prima Granite range is composed of crystals such as mica and quartz. The sheer variety of colours and types of granites available. Mean that there is a work surface to meet all moods and tastes. From the most traditional and conservative, to the most modern and minimalist kitchens!
Just like the Truescale options in the Formica Prima range. The granite texture is also sourced from real slabs of granite. Drawing inspiration from all over the world. Their signature granites have been inspired by the strikingly beautiful. For instance large-scale Mascarello granite, all the way from Brazil. 

Formica Prima Gorgeous Granite laminate worktops, splashbacks and upstands are lightweight. Unlike real granite, they have no requirement for templating or specialised equipment to cut or install. They do not require no sealants or on going treatments!

Textures in this range include

Etchings 48

An etched and softly polished texture, capturing the individual beauty of granite.


Reflecting the beautiful veining of stone and granite. This shimmering texture reflects and refracts light.


A durable and bright surface with a subtle sparkle.Prima have a premium all purpose adhesive sealant for each work surface. Formica work surfaces are designed to obtain a superior, flawless colour matched finish. Giving you piece of mind on installations. All worktop joints are guaranteed with Formica Lifeseal. Therefore it prevents moisture ingress and expansion. This is for the lifetime of the worktop.

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