Artis Original Granite

Artis Original Granite worktops have subtle surface detail. Highlighted by a soft polished sheen gives the authentic look and feel of natural stone.

Combined with 180fx true scare designs, Artis Original Granite work surfaces will come to life. Bringing you closer to nature, 180fx statement stones provide an elegant backdrop for modern slab or shaker doors. Their versatile palette of calmer tones all enhance white, grey and beige co-ordinates with matching splashbacks and upstands. For a truly high-end look.

There are 4 options within the Burnish texture range that utilise the 180fx technology:

Ashford Black (click here to view)
Autumn Nacarado (click here to view)
Ivory Nacarado (click here to view)
Silver Nacarado (click here to view)


Sizes available

4100 x 600 x 40mm
3000 x 600 x 40mm
3000 x 665 x 40mm
3000 x 900 x 40mm

Matching Upstand:
3000 x 100 x 20mm

Matching Splashback:
3030 x 1200 x 8mm

Product Guide: W= Worktop | S= Splashback | U= Upstand

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