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The Definitive Laminate Collection

The innovative Artis work surface collection allows you to choose from a series of exclusive finishes unique design options and special effects. To create chic yet functional kitchen environments.

All Formica Artis worktops are manufactured with a 3mm profile. Which is the the front edge shape of a worktop. This makes them very popular as they look square.Yet come at only a fraction of the cost of square edged worktops.

Formica Artis worktops provide the amazing ambiance of quartz stone, glass or solid wood. At just a fraction of their expense. They include the latest technology 180fx laminate designs. Which are faithful representations of natural granite slabs or timber. Perfectly depicting their patterns with rick colour variations and striking veins. Unlike conventional laminates, 180fx designs are printed to true scale proportion. Which means that unlike ‘normal’ laminates where an image is repeated and repeated to complete the worktop design, 180fx will have only two repeats. In order to imitate real materials such as granite.

Manufactured to exacting standards, Formica Artis offers leading quality, reliability and long lasting performance. With 6 different textures to choose from there really is a Formica Artis worktop to suit everyone.

Wanting to make a statement?
Why not take a look at the Formica Artis – Bohemian Chrome range?
Highlighted by the latest laminate technology and Chrome Duo Edge. Bohemian adds a striking reflective ambience to the modern kitchen. Fusing with appliance and door furniture elements due to the ‘brushed chrome’ effect that makes up the two-tone edging.
Formica Artis Bohemian Chrome worktops create a wow factor for your kitchen, by making a laminate worktop look like a slab of glass! Feeling inspired?

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