Nuance Laminate Worktops & Wall Panels

Does your bathroom need revamping into a beautiful and uncompromisingly high-performance space? Then Nuance range is for you!

The award winning Bushboard’s Nuance range is a bathroom wall panelling system that has been created for wet rooms, showers and around your bath. The panels come with a 100% waterproof guarantee, so you no longer need to worry about swellings and mould! With the BB Complete colour matched adhesive, those black marks behind showers and taps will be a distant memory! – This is the bathroom that you have been waiting for!

Leave the trims in the past with an innovative tongue and groove jointing system. Giving your kitchen a wonderful flow of design from one panel to the next.

Bushboard’s Nuance array of designs and colours range from the cosy and homely feel gained from natural woodgrains. To stylish stone effects for the urban appeal or right back to basic with plain old white. With an approach to match and fit all every shape and style of bathroom Bushboard’s Nuance will never let you down. Whether you want the traditional shower cubicle or a smooth floor level access.  Whether you desire a subtle or luxurious look.

All shower panels come with a Bushboard 15-year guarantee, which even includes the adhesive! Ensuring that your wall panels look sensational for years to come.

Panel sizes available:

2420 x 1200 x 11mm (Postformed Panel, 1x postformed edge to one long and a tongue to the other)

2420 x 580 x 11mm (Featured Panel, 1x postformed edge on both long)

2420 x 160 x 11mm (Finishing Panel, 1x postformed edge to one long)

2420 x 1200 x 11mm (T & G Panel, tongue on one long edge and a groove on the other)

2420 x 600 x 11mm (T & G Panel, tongue on one long edge and a groove on the other)

Struggling to choose the perfect texture? Use the information below to help guide you to your perfect bathroom –


The Bushboard Nuance Gloss Work Surfaces are stunning to look at. They will make a perfect finish to your bathroom and are easy to maintain. If you would prefer your bathroom to shimmer when the natural light hits it then Gloss is your best option. Glistening light will bounce from one surface to the next, giving you a brighter bathroom all year around.


The range that delivers the perfect natural look to your bathroom whilst creating a warm ambiance alongside your utilities. Although woodgrains are typically found in the kitchen, new decors such as Driftwood and Chalkwood create a contemporary look in your bathroom.


Achieve the boutique style bathrooms that you’ve always dreamed of with the Bushboard Nuance Quarry range. With a marble effect to give your bathroom the best quality finish, but for just a fraction of the price!


Part of the Bushboard Nuance award winning bathroom panel range. The Glaze texture is highly practical and stylish to suit all tastes. Your bathroom is sure to impress.

Struggling to find the perfect worktop? Use the information below to help guide you to your perfect bathroom – 

Laminate Worktops
All Bushboard Nuance laminate worktops come with a 1500mm edging strip included! 22 out of 30 decors come with a matching waterproof panel to suit. Please remember – Only Bushboard Nuance panels are 100% waterproof. Their laminate worktops are no different to any other range so please ensure that they are fitted correctly. Bushboard offer a colour matched adhesive, that is a jointing, bonding and sealing compound in one. This adhesive product comes with a 15-year guarantee and must be used (click here to view the range). Refer to our brochure download for installation guides and brochure downloads (click here).

Sizes available – 
3000 x 360 x 28mm
3000 x 600 x 28mm

BB Complete 
The perfect adhesive to ensure your bathroom comes with the 15-year guarantee. Nuance panels must be bonded to the walls using BB Complete panel adhesive. As this is not seen, it is a cost effective neutral colour. Designed to fit a heavy-duty mastic gun, one cartridge installs one 1200mm panel.
BB Complete is available as a colour matched sealant in 10 colour options to co-ordinate with Bushboard Nuance’s full range of designs.

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